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quick advice

I'll post more about what's been going on these past few weeks later, but for now I'm in desperate need of advice:

This morning, while I was at the play group that I run (not the art classes), one of the nannies came running in excitedly and sat me down to talk. Apparently her daughter works in a doctors office and gets to know some of the patients really well. A very wealthy family that she knows is looking for a nanny for their two babies and will pay $25/hour, plus bridge toll and all expenses related to the child care. They want someone full time.

My thinking is that this is twice what I make doing the kids play group... I only do the play group Wednesdays and could maybe see if I can work the nannying job Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I already talked to someone who might be interested in doing the other days. I would still be able to teach art classes Mondays and Fridays. I just wonder if this would be a good opportunity or a bad one - bad in the sense that nannying isn't exactly what I want my "profession" to be, and I'm afraid I would get stuck (which I tend to do) and then I wouldn't look for another job that might be better, experience wise. I just graduated and I feel like I really want to do something related to my fields of study, not just anything to pay the bills. I was planning on using the next six months to find a job that would be really beneficial in terms of learning skills that I want to work with in the future. Then again it seems like a great opportunity, and I love working with kids... I'm so torn!

Anyway, I have to call tonight, either way. Any advice would be MUCH appreciated!! :)
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