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This picture is from my first trip, but it applies for today - my brother took me on a coffee tour of Portland!
We went to three different Stumptown Cafe's, a place called Crema, and place called The Press (or something like that) and drove by quite a few others, lattes in hand. Despite the eventual jitters, it was entertaining and delicious!

I'm house-sitting right now (in Portland), and using the time to get stuff done that I never have time to do at home. I brought my violin with me and some books I've been reading (career stuff), and I'm trying to get going on some projects as well.
I've been doing a fair share of procrastinating and hanging out as well, including watching my cousins' bike race the other day. It was really neat, the bikers were whizzing by at great speeds all along a muddy track at a local dairy farm. I'd say there were about 1,000 of them? One of my cousins may have placed third! The actual results will be posted in a few days.

Well I think my main goal is to try to make some progress on the violin pieces that I need to learn for a wedding that I'll be playing at in a couple weeks. If I can get that done, I will feel no guilt when doing anything but work the rest of the week.
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