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RIP René

As some of you already know, a few months ago my older brother Cameron's beautiful, amazing girlfriend René passed away.  They had been together for fifteen years and were living and working in Portland.  Some people might know them from the vending booth that they had at Death Guild for a long time (for their Strange Monster merchandise). 
I've been very vague about these trips to Portland because they have involved a whirlwind of emotion and reflection.  I feel as though René was a huge influence on me, especially in my pursuit of art, and I hope that she knew how much she meant to me in general.  I felt honored to be part of the Memorial Gallery Show that Cameron arranged in her honor, even though it meant my thumbs nearly falling off while tacking up hundreds of her sketches!  The range of her ideas was vast and versatile.

Please take a moment to visit René's Fine Art website and take a look at some of her work.  Perhaps you may already know it from the movie Tank Girl?  If you know someone who might like it, pass on the link.  Her life has touched so many, and I hope that her influence will continue to live on in others.

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