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Bullet-point bulletin

The past few weeks, in bullet form:
  • Witnessed the kids I babysit (well, heard the girl proposition) discussing the stereotypical "you can touch mine if I can touch yours."  Eek!  I was changing the little one's diaper when she ran up and said it, making a grab for his little, well, you get the idea.  I took her aside and did the whole "they call them privates because they are PRIVATE - only you can touch them...(etc.)" thing, to which she replies, "But he likes it!"  Ha!  I told the parents and they laughed and said they'd talk to them.  
  • Got bitten by the other kid I nanny, leaving a really dark ugly mark...  Fun times. 
  • Bruised myself flying like superman and leaping off a play-structure to slide down a fireman's pole.  It was worth it -- all the parents and nannies in the park looked like I'd just flashed them or something.
  • Printed over 200 pages by hand (letterpress) for a friend's book that she was selling, and helped another friend glue and put together another series of books.
  • Went out for drinks with my cousin who was visiting SF; we listened to live Celtic music and bitched about our moms.  It was awesome!  Then she complained about and pined over, alternately, her ex boyfriend.  For over an hour.  Not so awesome.  At one point I spaced out and was just nodding but then she caught on and started nodding and smiling at me like I was in trouble.  I was pretty tipsy at this point, but managed to make up some cliche about ex boyfriends and she bought it.  Usually I am a *very* good listener, but she's only just turned 21 and she's talking like "she'll never love again" and if I didn't want to come across as an old lady I would have said what I was thinking: She really hasn't had that much experience yet and I'm sure she'll get over it in a few months.
  • Edited Peter's incredibly long History paper...which involved staying up until 2am...I have another one to look at this Thursday...
  • Played the piano a lot, including making up an odd song about a farm girl.  Haven't come up with the last stanza/verse yet - her sister comes running and leads her out behind the big barn and down by the creek and I am not sure if they find a dead body or see the first flowers of spring and pick them.  Peter said they should see a dead body and then shrug and pick the first flowers of spring, but that doesn't strike me as quite right...
  • Went to a Street Fair with my mom, where she made me "help her" choose between five equally hideous vests.  She chose the one that looked like embroidered cat vomit.  I didn't tell her that.
  • Enjoyed the shock on my cousin's face as we watched Bay to Breakers for a while.  Wow, there were a lot of hairy old naked crotches.  Sorry, it was just a striking fact.  There was a cute little gopher that kept peeking up from his burrow briefly, and then popping back down.  I like to think he was peeking up thinking, "Is it safe?  No more crotches?  AHH!  It never ends!"  We then went to the CA Academy of Sciences and had a lot of fun in the rainforest, etc.  It's a beautiful building. 
  • Went for two weeks without light in our bathroom!  The lightbulb burned out and we've both been to busy to go get one (I've been working SO much) so first we were using candles, then a flashlight that screws open to become a little lantern.  Then I BOUGHT a lightbulb, but the ceiling is so high that we didn't put it in right away.  My brother came up for dinner and we had him do it since he's 6'4" and that's your job if you're that tall.  Honestly, I was kinda wondering how long we could go without lights.  We could probably save a lot of money that way.
  • Went to the Stanford PowWow and ate lots of frybread.  Yum!!  I also got some pretty beads that I'll do something with eventually.
Well I'm looking forward to this summer.  Hopefully my schedule will settle down a bit in the next few weeks ~ the families that I nanny for are SO flaky and they cancel all the time or call the night-of and ask if I can babysit for this or that...  I've been working days where I go to one family at 8am, home for lunch, and then the other family until 11pm.  NOT ideal, but then I have then benefit of a string of days off in a row some other times...  I'm still weighing whether or not this nannying this is working for me.  It is for now, but I'm not sure if I will want to keep doing it for much more than a couple months.  It's so draining just keeping track of where to be at what times!  But in theory (not yet in practice...) it will allow me more time to work on art and music projects.  And see friends!

Off to bed now, yay!

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