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30-Day meme, Day 02 – Your first love, in great detail

I'm not going about this in consecutive entries, because I tend to only post once a month or so (if that). But I am loving reading other people's entries, and I *love* answering useless trivia questions about myself. So I'll keep it up, for the time being!

Day 02 – Your first love, in great detail

Well I have to admit, my first love is steamy, hot, invigorating, and always there for me. Yes, you guessed it: coffee. My first and always.
Our affair started early, when my mom or other relatives would let me take sips of their coffee as a wee one - and eventually started pouring me my own little cup (perhaps I could have been a foot taller...). The ratio of milk to coffee started out predominantly milk, but over time it grew to the perfect concoction that I now drink daily. Notable events in the timeline of our relationship are:
- drinking a "Suicide" (I think it was 6 shots of espresso in a cup of coffee) from Plantation Cafe every morning on my way to high school
- getting crappy 7/11 coffee (French Vanilla, even) on my way to community college
- trying popcorn in my coffee while extremely bored at work at the movie theater one day (I was ridiculed for weeks. it wasn't really very good, as you can imagine).
- unlimited access to all the coffee I could drink while working at Torrefazzione Italia cafe (ahhh, I get shivers all over when I think about the lattes I used to make there...). We were able to take home 2 lbs. of their amazing coffee beans per week. Pure heaven!
- reading books about how to make the PERFECT espresso drink, and (firstly) how to achieve the PERFECT shot of espresso
- learning how to make the classic "hearts" in the foam and espresso
Coffee is something I never get bored of. Even a bad cup is better than no cup. It helps you get through your day in a better mood, and can keep you up if you have fun plans but are falling asleep. (An aside: I NEVER drink coffee after 5pm) And in Swedish (your trivia for the day), going for coffee with your friends is called "Fika" and implies socializing with a warm cup and yummy treats. Mmmm.....coffee.... What could be better?! I'm in love.
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