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Dolly Dingle

On Sunday I attended a truly beautiful wedding ceremony for my dear friend and her loving beau - now joined in holy matrimony. I admit, along with much of the audience, I was experiencing a strange bout of bizarre allergies, which seemed to be concentrated in my ocular region. Both proud mothers looked *nearly* as stunning as the bride.
It was a great day, all around!  And I loved their creative film clip sequence (fitting, since it was in the historic Rafael Theater!).  
It was also FABULOUS to see many lovely livejournal friends!  <3 

The day before, I had decided to trim my hair. Primping for the wedding, I guess. Yes, fine, I admit it. I had asked for some shorter bits in the front for some shape, but mainly just a trim. It's 8 inches shorter! While it looks nice, I feel like I have short hair again for the first time since the early 90's! Arg. But it does seem much healthier. That's the problem with curly hair - you cut it a little, and it springs up four times as much.  Maybe it's just me and my issues, but I am fairly certain I look like Dolly Dingle on crack.

Dolly Dingle by astridnomical

Earlier today I had one of those embarrassing moments where a woman said hi to me and I hadn't the slightest idea who she was. And then of  course I felt to awkward to say "and how do I know you?"  I later remembered and did a walk-by, where I intended to say something that would *clearly* show her definitively that I recalled our acquaintance (because I'm pretty sure I did not conceal my bewilderment), but she was talking with her husband and didn't look up, so my lame wave was lost to the air.  Maybe I should be taking vitamins or doing mental aerobics or something, I feel like I'm slipping.  I blame my commute.  

Alright, time for an episode of Game of Thrones, and then some serious ZzzZZ's.  (The small ones in there indicate the level of seriousness.)  Maybe my hair will grow a bit extra during the night.  
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