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pirate patches and diapers in one entry? wow!

It is SO freezing in my apartment that I'm wearing a beanie, gloves, two sweaters, slippers, my hood, and I have a blanket over me.  I wish I had a nose-warmer - if I did, it would be knitted and look like a pirate patch that just covers the schnozz instead.  The heating duct here sounds like the combination of a boiling kettle and an enraged raccoon when it IS running, which it isn't right now.  I wonder what parameters are set up for it to start up, because it certainly isn't a temperature gauge; on hot days it's blasting and cold days it's oddly silent.  Unlike my new downstairs neighbors, who seem to love hammering at midnight.  And that is not an oddly phrased innuendo, they are really either putting up art or building shelves in the middle of the night.  In my imagination, every bit of wall in their apartment is covered by poorly constructed shelving and garage-sale art. 

On Tuesday I got a hair-cut!  Now I know that most of you are probably wondering why there is an exclamation mark following that statement, since usually it would be followed by hysteria and shouts of "it's so SHORT!"  Truthfully, being in a state of post-graduation "now what?" has made me a lot bolder, and I've found myself wanting to make some changes. 
I had complimented a mom who comes to the playgroup I run on her cute hair, and she gave me the name of her hairdresser.  She told me she was, "a bit pricy but WONDERFUL!"  The salon was very relaxing, and she really knew what she was doing - she started out by cutting it dry since my hair is so curly, and then took me back for the wash.  Apparently they do a scalp and neck massage at this place, and by the end of it I was practically drooling and told her she could do whatever she wanted.  She cut off a few more inches and did some, well, different levels in the front.  I would have said layering, except that she said "layers won't work on your hair."  Ok...seems like layers, though...  But then again I once called a Parking Enforcement Officer a Meter Maid and nearly got punched...so she can call it whatever she wants.  It's apparently not very drastic, despite the inches she removed, because only one person at work noticed!  Granted, at the playgroup they just briefly sign in and then run off, and at the art studio I caved and put it in a pony-tail.  

So that same day at work (the will-they-notice-my-haircut day), I was involved in a ten to fifteen minute conversation about the consistency of baby poo.  I am often privy to the mom's conversations about various infant or toddler behaviors or bodily functions, but that was really more than I ever wanted to know!  I get a first-hand lesson every time I nanny, anyway.  One of the moms, the one that everyone else is jealous of for her stereotypically good looks, followed up the conversation by telling us about how the other day she thought she might have passed gas on the treadmill at the gym, but wasn't sure because she was listening to her ipod.  Then she spent the next ten minutes trying to interpret other runner's facial expressions to tell if they had heard it.  Just picturing her, perfectly made-up with her blond pony-tail bopping along, furtively glancing from face to sweaty face...I was thinking of Arrested Development or Desperate Housewives or something as I pictured the scene.   
Being able to vividly picture other people's stories never ceases to be a source of amusement, insight, and discovery.  It's my favorite thing about LiveJournal too, of course!

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