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help requested from grammar nerds

If you are a self-proclaimed grammar nerd and want to offer insight,

I always edit Peter's papers for his Grad. program and there is one thing that keeps coming up that I am uncertain about and can't seem to find the answer for online. Because they are History papers, Peter is constantly referring to "the twelfth century" or "the third century," etc. But somethings he writes out the number "sixth century" and sometimes he writes "6th century".

Ex: "Rather than being seen solely as a Germanic warrior from the sixth century, Siegfried was fully assimilated by each society."

In what case can the century be left numeric? Does it matter? Is this an issue that is different for dates than for other number-references in writing?

Thanks for the tips! I appreciate it. ;)
I've spent most of the past couple weeks scrambling around finishing last-minute stuff for the Holidays and getting ready to leave for Sweden! (I want to thankholypug for passing on some Holiday cheer, by the way!  I felt much more enthusiastic and excited after our visit!)
This coming week I am going to try to cram in all my errands, including getting my glasses prescription changed so that I can SEE Gothenburg when I'm there!  Over the weekend I convinced my mom that dying my hair for me would be a good "bonding" experience, and she actually did a really good job.  It's hard to do my own since it's so long, and she is very exacting so there were no missed-spots or drips on my face, etc.  Nice!  
Well it's time to crawl into bed, even though the hail might keep me up for a while.  I like it, though.  It sounds so creepy...

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