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Update on the crapiest month ever

(Stole this heading fromzimbra1006 because it's just so fitting) 
Guess it's actually a new month, but this one isn't looking promising either.
  • I am now technically unemployed, seeing as the studio where I have been teaching art classes for about 5 years was closed down on January 30th.  My crap-tastic boss sent me an email to inform me of this fun fact while I was in Sweden.  I know I'll find a new job eventually, but I feel like since I graduated last year I should be finding a *good* job, and from what it looks like at this point I seem under-qualified for just about everything.
  • Still not feeling like doing much other than sitting on the couch and occasionally reading.  Feeling really out-of-it and blue.
  • I have gotten six parking tickets in the last three weeks because my mom refuses to register the car in my name so that I can get a placard permitting me to park in my neighborhood for more than 2 hours.
  • The mom of the kids that I nanny for is getting increasingly condescending!  She tried to pay me five dollars less than our agreed-upon hourly wage and got really bitchy when I tactfully corrected her.  Here's the conversation, since I find it so amusing (in a disturbing way).  Keep in mind that her son has special needs and cannot hold himself upright on his own.
Conversation with kids' mom:  (I'll call her SC for SCary lady)
ME: Actually I think that we agreed on X per hour, if I'm not mistaken?  I can forward you the email where we talked about it if you'd like.
SC: (Scowling) No, no, that's not necessary, it's just that childcare is really expensive.  Our old babysitter (who was a teenager) is a lot cheaper.  (Long pause)  You know what, I need you to clean the house more if this is what I'm paying you. 
ME: Oh, ok...sure.  I can definitely do more to tidy up while the kids are napping or...
SC: Well I know you've been tidying up, but I mean cleaning.  Like what I really liked about our old babysitter is that she would really clean and take on little odd-jobs around the house, like one time I came home and she had re-organized all my tupperware...stuff like that. 
ME: (Momentary silent stare) I guess that depends on the level of engagement that you want me to have with your children.
SC: You know what I mean, like when they're watching a movie or playing alone with each other.  I know there's probably down time, our old babysitter would sometimes read a magazine or something...
ME: Oh, no - when I'm babysitting I don't read or talk on the phone or any of that, I am talking and interacting with the kids and making sure that they are safe, happy, and mentally stimulated.  I want it to be fun for them when I come over...
SC: No, they definitely love you - they get jealous when one of them gets to have you to himself and the other is at school or napping, but I just think you can still do more real cleaning.
ME: Alright, I can understand that.  I'll make more of an effort in the future.  (Forced smile)

I do some housekeeping, for sure - I do the dishes after I make the kids dinner, and I clean up all the toys and tidy the living room when the kids go to bed.  I think she was just bitching because she felt dumb for trying to pay me less, out of the blue. 
If her little boy falls over, he can't get back up!  He has a really soft little voice and if he's calling me and I'm in the other room, I might not hear him for a while.  The very idea of it is sickening; she'd really rather her tupperware gets organized than her kids be engaged and learning and having fun?  I really like the kids, and they do seem to really like me, but I think I need a new family to nanny for (temporarily) while I look for full-time employment.

Anyway, there are fun things going on too, and I'm trying to keep a positive outlook.  I know it will get easier and I'll find a job that I like and look back on this time as "the dark days of way-back-when," but I just wish it would be in retrospect sooner rather than later.  ;)

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