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Maybe I should be yours, maybe you should be mine

Some day I want to try to play the saw. And dress up like Anna Ternheim in this video... At the same time.

Today the rain is splattering all over the city and the highlight of my day was clipping the cats' nails (the ones I've been cat-sitting). Cat lady! Cat lady! It wasn't as traumatic as I was expecting, and they don't seem to hate me, so all is well.
I've been restoring old photos of Peter's mom for his family so they can use them at her funeral service; the photos are pretty scratched up and I'm adjusting the coloring a bit. Also working on souping up my resume! Wait, is that really how you apply the word "souping" in a written context? It looks odd written out. Anyway, it's getting there. Soupy, that is.

Now I want to curl up and watch some shows online; what is everyone watching these days? Suggestions? If yes, can I find it online or on netflix? I don't get any TV channels, unless you count the cat's tail hanging in front of the screen.

Or I might pop over to see my friend's friend's '80s cover band play...hmmm, it's a toss up.

Well anyway, here's another video

...I love her voice...
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