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opheliafloats's Journal

ophelia floats
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When I sit down I have to be careful not to rip the hair out of my scalp by sitting on it. It is very long. Maybe I have a Godiva complex. It is just so nice to be able to provide a portable hiding place when I am feeling Cousin-It-ish. Besides, if it wasn't- what would I say to the prince when he arrives at the bottom of this tower, "Uh, come back in 5 years?"
16mm film, 1966 mustangs, acrylic transfer, antique trunks, archery, art films, art history, autoharp, avebury, babyland, band practice, barbarella, beading, beeswax, being underwater, bellydancing, beth gibbons, black and tans, bone folders, book repair, bookarts, bookbinding, bookmaking, camus, cats, climbing trees, clouds, coffee, colored glass, comics, conservation, coptic stitch, cyanotype, dark music, dead can dance, distortion, donnie darko, drawing, dream with the fishes, earl gray tea, edgar allan poe, edward gorey, ephemera, experimental cooking, experimental sound arts, fairy tales, fiddle, fire spinning, fog, francesca lia block, garmarna, girl on the bridge, glass bottles, glow worms, guitar, gum arabic transfer, göteborg, handmade books, happy noddle boy, hedningarna, ichabod crane, industrial music, intaglio etching, jeff noon, joy division, keyboards, kladdkaka, kmfdm, lake tahoe, linocut, long hair, love and rockets, lyrics, making music, mandala art, mixed media, movies, music, my pillow, mythology, native american myths, neil gaiman, nick cave, not shopping, painting, perfect day, playwriting, printmaking, puffer fish, rare books, rasputina, red dwarf, roald dahl, sally potter, sea shells, sigur ros, silent films, silver, singing, smörgåsbord, sparkly nail polish, spirals, stonehenge, strings, svenska, sweden, tahoe, terry pratchet, the beach, the dark, the prisoner, theda bara, tom robbins, trying to yodel, violin, virginia woolfe, vocabulary, voltaire, vurt, water babies, waterhouse, wench, white zombie, william blake, writing, writing in notebooks, zills